Monday, 6 February 2012

Philosophy Cinnamon Buns and a ramble

Philosophy Cinnamon Buns £14

I used this for the first time today since I received it for Christmas. Scented products are nothing new, but Philosophy's products are in a league of their own. This 3 in 1 shower gel, bubble bath and shampoo actually smells exactly like cinnamon buns - so lovely and comforting on a cold day such as today!

Starting from this month I have put myself on a bit of a makeup spending ban as to be honest I have far too much make up, some of which I've barely even swatched, let alone worn. I feel it's definitely time to use and enjoy some of the products I have rather than purchasing more. Never fear I have a nice backlog of products I want to discuss and review so there are plenty more blog posts to come.

Also, on a final note I've noticed a little influx of new followers, hello to you all and thanks for following, it really means a lot :) x


  1. I just finished my 3rd bottle of this and finally decided to try their other scents. It's always just been to yummy to pass up. I do like that when I'm done showering, I DON'T smell like a cinnamon bun!

  2. i love philosophy but havent tried this one :D