Sunday, 5 February 2012

Freshly Painted: Models Own Utopia

Models Own - Utopia, £5

I seem to be purchasing quite a few items off my wishlist recently, this includes Utopia by Models Own. Utopia is an interesting murky, lilac, pink colour, for some reason it makes me think of pink concrete.

I put off purchasing this shade as I wasn't sure if it was pretty enough, but after seeing it on countless blogs I began to really love the look of it on the nails. The formula is standard Models Own and easy to apply, taking two coats to achieve the look in the photo.

I think this is the perfect February nail colour, it has all the pastely pink goodness of spring (not to mention Valentines Day) but is coupled with the murkiness reminiscent of grey clouds, rain and even snow(!) that we get around this time of year.


  1. I actually picked this up in Boots the other day but was not sure how it would look out of the bottle so put it back. But now I've seen your post I'm going to go back and get it :), it looks lovely, really clean and smart xx

  2. I love this colour, it's so elegant looking :D x

  3. I've wanted this for a while - it is SO GORGEOUS! x

  4. @cara I was exactly the same as you, I needed to see it on someone else before I purchased. My photo isn't great but it's a lovely colour, I think it's great for everyday :)

    @Catherine Me too, it's a really unusual colour but very pretty!

    @Harrie It took me a while to purchase but I'm so pleased I did :)

  5. ive heard so much about this colour, looks amazing :D

  6. It's a gorgeous colour, I wore it to work today and I had a few 'I love your nail colour' remarks which always makes me happy :)