Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Lush Magic Mushroom

Lush Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar, £2.45

'Magic Mushroom’s bright red top is scented with our famous Vanillary fragrance, while his white stem smells of strawberries, making a yummy strawberries and cream combo that’ll give piles of fruity bathtime bubbles.'

Despite receiving a ridiculous amount of Lush goodies for Christmas (on top of my already healthy stash!) I couldn't resist browsing the Lush Valentine's range. 

I limited myself to just one goodie from the range and opted for the Magic Mushroom bubble bar, which is a product I have never tried before. Firstly, it looks really cute, just like one of the mushrooms from Fantasia, shall I insert the Youtube video for added effect? Oh go on then...

The smell of this product really won me over, it's a lovely vanilla smell mixed with the fruity scent of strawberries and cream, all in all it smells sweet and very girly. The lady in the store advised me to split the bar between two baths, so I crumbled one half into a bath. It turns out half a bar is perfect and it produced lots of lovely creamy bubbles, softened the water and turned my bathwater a shade of pinky/red.

This was a really fun bubble bar to use and pretty inexpensive at only £2.45 per bar. The fruity scent is gorgeous and whilst I'm sad it's only a seasonal product, I still have the other half to use up...maybe I'll purchase a few more before they disappear :)


  1. I haven't been into town to see the Valentines Lush range yet but I'm defo putting this one on the list! It looks so cute and I love the smell of strawberries :) xx

  2. Me too, I really like this bubble bar. You should definitely check out the range if you get a chance :)