Saturday, 21 May 2011

Superdrug Beautycard

As you probably know, Superdrug have recently launched their answer to the Boots Advantage Card. The Superdrug Beautycard works in the same way as the Boots version, where you earn points for spending in store and online, you can then use these points to purchase products in store.

I picked my Beautycard up last weekend, it has a mirror on the front which is slightly gimmicky but who knows...maybe it will come in handy one day?


* You can earn points on Superdrug purchases to spend on other products in store.

* In store promotions and offers where you can earn more points.

* Exclusive email offers sent to you and special 'Beautycard perks' when you register your card.

* With the Beautycard, you can pay using a mixture of points and cash...something the Advantage Card does not allow.


* It's not as good as the Advantage card! The Boots version earns you 4 points for every £1 you spend, the Superdrug version only gives you 1 point per £1 spent, at that rate you would have to spend £100 in store just to earn a measly £1 in points!

I generally buy products from Boots (unless they are Superdrug own brands such as Sleek or Gosh) mainly because I like earning Advantage Card points. Superdrug's Beautycard isn't a strong enough competitor to the Advantage card as the points are a bit on the stingy side. However, it is nice to have a Superdrug alternative and if you are a Superdrug shopper it would be worth picking up a Beautycard....some points are better than no points!


  1. I'm going to check this out since I do loads of shopping in superdrug :)

    Following you! xD

  2. Thank you!
    Yeah it's definitely worth it if you're a frequent Superdrug shopper! :o)

  3. you know if you buy online you get 10 points per £1! Making it waaaay better than the boots card!! I love it xoxo