Tuesday, 10 May 2011

17 Mirror Shine On Lipsticks

From L to R: Hollywood, Peace, Beehive and Belle £4.59 - Boots

'Containing the perfect combination of pigment and micro pearls, it cleverly reflects the light to create the optical illusion of fuller lips and gives a super sheer, wet-look finish.'

I absolutely adore the 17 Mirror Shine On lipsticks, they fall somewhere between a lipstick and a lip gloss which is perfect for someone like me who's put off at the thought of wearing a bright lipstick. In total there are 10 colours in the range, I have already purchased four of them.

My first purchase was Peace, a vibrant hot pink colour. When applied this product gives the lips a lovely punchy pink colour, making it a fresher alternative to a red lip. This colour screams summer to me, and would look lovely paired with sunkissed skin and freckles.

My next purchase from the range was Hollywood, a classic red shade. This product is ideal for those of us who aren't brave enough to wear a proper red lipstick, as the glossiness gives it a more relaxed, younger feel...although the colour is still pretty vibrant!

Beehive is a perfect nude colour. I'm not a massive fan of nude lip shades, mainly because bleached out lips don't work with my skin tone......I bough Gosh Darling a purchase which turned out to be a huuuge mistake - it looks horrendous on me! Beehive on the other hand is a subtle pinky/nude tone which doesn't wash me out and looks natural.

Out of the four 17 Mirror Shine On lipsticks I own, Belle is my absolute favourite, in fact it is probably my favourite lip product (aside from my trusty Carmex) full stop. I know this because I have purchased this lipstick twice - the first one disappeared into the abyss that is one of my handbags... never to be seen again. This is a my lips but better kind of shade, it's not as nude as Beehive and not as bold as Peace or Hollywood, it really is a perfect natural pink colour and I wear it pretty much everyday for work.

From L to R: Belle, Beehive, Peace and Hollywood

The formula of these lipsticks is pretty nice, they aren't ultra moisturising but I don't find them particularly drying either. I really like the fact that they aren't as sticky as a normal lip gloss, in fact they feel like a slightly heavier lip balm. It has to be said these lipsticks don't have the best staying power, whilst the colour doesn't slide off your lips instantly, touch ups are required! Given that these lipstick are such a great price (only £4.59) I don't think this is too much of a problem, and due to the nature of the formula I would feel comfortable applying these lipsticks (particularly the lighter colours) without the use of a mirror.

These lipsticks come in a sassy bright blue tube, which is handy as the colour makes them easy to locate in the depths of a handbag. I haven't really had any problem with the packaging, with the exception of Peace - the lid seems too big and continuously slides off....not ideal to have an open lipstick rolling around in your handbag. Other than that these are great value for money and would provide a perfect introduction into the world of lipsticks.


  1. i really want to try beehive and belle, next time im in boots and they are on offer i will probs pick them up :D


  2. Definitely worth it, they are such lovely natural shades! :o)

  3. I really love the packaging, so fresh and different from all the lipsticks i own ^^

    Love Christine ♥

  4. Ahh!! I LOVE the 17 Mirror Shine lipsticks. I received on in a swap from a twitter BFF (Nudist Peach) and instantly loved it. She is quite lovely for doing a custom purchase for me and sending me 5 more shades! I cannot wait til they arrive, and they include the shades you show above. I *really* wish these were available in the states! Or that Boots would be available! ;)

  5. Thanks for the comments girls! I love these lipsticks, they are such pretty shades and best of all very inexpensive! :o)