Monday, 9 May 2011

Lauren Conrad

I have been a big fan of Lauren Conrad ever since The Hills. I think she is super gorgeous and I really love her sense of style. I have also become a fan of the relatively new beauty website The Beauty Department, a collaboration between Lauren Conrad, Amy Nadine and Kristen Ess. TBD is a very pretty website containing loads of lovely photos, tutorials and beauty advice, definitely worth a peek!

I also recently purchased her book Style which is a very cute coffee table book. Don't buy expecting any ground-breaking fashion or beauty advice, it's all pretty 'pedestrian' (as Lollipop26 would say) but I found it an interesting read and the photos are's nice to get a sneak peak into a celebrity's beauty routine!


  1. That book looks pretty nice, may have to look into it :) I'm following.


  2. Thank you, I think I picked my copy up for about £5 x

  3. I love her style and I checked out her new site because of you and love it.
    maybe I will be picking this puppy up in the near future

  4. Her beauty website is fab, I love the tutorials!

  5. I am a huge fan of lauren conrad's style and I love her book and website. The tutorials and forums are great! xx