Sunday, 8 May 2011

Freshly Painted - Revlon Blue Lagoon

Revlon Blue Lagoon £6.29 - Boots

I had wanted to try a baby blue shade of nail polish for ages, being a big fan of Revlon nail polishes I was excited to try out Blue Lagoon, from Revlon's Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Unfortunately it turned out to be a massive disappointment! 

The colour is beautiful, it's a light baby blue with a silver shimmer running through it, whilst it does look pretty on the nails, I definitely prefer the colour in the bottle. What I am most disappointed with is the consistency, it's not like any other Revlon nail polish I've applied. The picture above is actually my second attempt at applying it to my nails (the first was so awful I had to remove it immediately), this nail polish is a total nightmare to apply!! It is very streaky and took a good three coats to become opaque... I must be pretty impatient as two coats seems to be my limit when it comes to applying nail polish! 

The next thing I really hate about this polish is the shimmer, whilst it looks gorgeous in the bottle (think mermaid-esque) the sparkles in the polish are actually really gritty and leave my nails with a rough looking surface. I love my nails to look smooth and shiny, so bumpy, pitted looking nails just don't work for me! It may be possible to smooth out the surface of the nail by using a top coat...but after applying and waiting for three coats of nail polish to dry, I couldn't be bothered to apply one.

Whilst I love a variety of nail polishes, Revlon have become my go-to brand but I am really disappointed with this polish. It looks so beautiful in the bottle, but doesn't seem to translate well to nails. Revlon polishes are slightly pricier than many other 'drugstore' brands, so I am pretty frustrated I wasted my money on this polish, when I could have got better results from a cheaper product!


  1. I had exactly the same experience with this polish! It's horrid! Took me about 3 times applying to be able to get a good pic for my post about it!

  2. It's such a shame because it's such a pretty colour!