Sunday, 22 May 2011

Lush American Cream Conditioner

'Sweet, fruity shake. The scent of honey, vanilla, strawberries and oranges is so sexy and sweet that dates can't stay away.'

I received a bottle of this Lush conditioner for Christmas, which is rather handy as it verges on the more expensive side of haircare with a 250g bottle costing £7.99. First thing to note with this conditioner is the smell, I generally expect all Lush products to smell fabulous - I can't quite place exactly what this smells of, my take is that it's a real musky, perfumey (I think I just made that word up), vanillary (and again) smell with hints of citrus and strawberry. Initially I wasn't that sure about the scent but I have really grown to like it, and best of all after using this conditioner the smell lingers on your hair for's so nice to get unexpected wafts of your fabulous smelling hair throughout the day.

The consistency of the conditioner is pretty average, it's not thick but it still feels moisturising when poured into your hand. I have fine, quite limp hair, I find that this conditioner is pretty moisturising on me and leaves my hair feeling coated.....despite thoroughly rinsing. Having said that I don't think it weighs my hair down too much and I tend to reach for this when I feel like my hair needs a more intense conditioning, for me this is not an everyday conditioner. 

Overall I find this product distinctly average, the smell is nice but the product does not seem to be that suited to my hair type. I will definitely make my way through the bottle, however I would not repurchase this conditioner as the results are not good enough to justify the price.

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