Monday, 23 May 2011

Beauty UK Earth Child Palette

Beauty UK Palette No 4 £3.99 Superdrug

'Make a fresh statement everyday with our best selling 10 eye shadow combo palettes - as featured in Vogue.'

I fell in love with the khaki, earthy colours of this palette, my first purchase from the Beauty UK brand. For the very small sum of £3.99 you get 10 pigmented eyeshadows each approximately the size of a 5 pence piece. 

The packaging is functional, the clear top makes the shades easy to see at a glance and whilst it's not particularly flimsy I am hoping I don't break the plastic lid during one of my butterfinger moments - I do love to drop my make up on the floor! 

The palette is pretty dinky in size which makes it ultra portable - very handy when you consider the shades in this palette make it perfect day-to-night make up, I would probably take this palette with me if I was going out straight from work as it is the right size to chuck in your handbag.

Top Row

Bottom Row

The colours featured in this palette are gorgeous and compliment each other beautifully, the browns and creams are ideal for creating a neutral look, whereas the greys and black are perfect for a smoky eye. My favourite shades are the two grey/silver colours (second from left on top row, second from left on bottom row) which look stunning when worn together. 

Impressively, the eyeshadows featured in this palette last on my eyelids all day with minimal creasing, but what I am most impressed with is the lack of fallout (I always expect bad fallout with cheaper shadows!) when using this product I have only experienced the teeniest amount of fallout....which makes the hurried morning make up routine that bit easier.

The texture of these eyeshadows are lovely, they feel velvety and smooth and the majority of them have a beautiful shimmery finish which looks elegant when worn on the eye rather than a big glittery mess. The shadows are easy to apply, blend out nicely and the pigmentation is good - what more could you want for under £4? I am so impressed with this palette and am currently reaching for it everyday, for the price the quality is superb and I will definitely be checking out the other products in the Beauty UK range.


  1. I have one of these palettes, I love it but the applicators are rubbish! :)

  2. The foam applicators are awful, I haven't even bothered to use mine! :o)