Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Freshly Painted - Bourjois Ultra Shine Nail Enamel in Rose Lounge

Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Enamel in Rose Lounge £5.99

Hello, I am one of those exceptionally sad people who purchased this mainly because it was included in Kate Middleton's wedding day manicure - along with Essie Allure. In my defence I was inspired by Kate's nude polish, and on the day of the wedding (thinking I had a similar colour available) I went to paint my nails only to find that I must have imagined owning a similar shade as I had no standard french manicure colour in my collection. So, on my next Superdrug run I had a 'sod it' moment and decided to purchase the Bourjois shade. Incidentally, I notice Bourjois are now cashing in on this royal connection and both the website and Bourjois stands are advertising Rose Lounge as Kate's nail polish of choice, even more interestingly when I visited Boots today this shade was completely sold out..... maybe it was good idea to get my hands on it early.

The shade is lovely, it's a very classic pale pink/french manicure colour, perfect for giving a put together, polished look, to me this is a staple nail polish colour and a safe option. I can't be certain as I know Bourjois have revamped their So Laque range but I think I owned this shade, or a very similar one, a few years ago. The formula is the same as I remember and whilst the polish gives a lovely shiny finish it is quite gloopy and seems to take an absolute age to dry properly....needless to say there were smudges!!


  1. it looks like a lovely colour though... maybe i will have to hunt it out :D


  2. This is such a pretty ballerina pink I love it! I've got a bit girly lately don't know what's happening.

  3. It's very pretty, Ballerina Pink sums it up perfectly! Definitely one to have in the collection in my opinion :) x

  4. Ah ! I love the color ! Definitely going to try and get my hands on this one. Hopefully it isn't out of stock .. :s