Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Cotton Candy

Following on from my sweet themed post yesterday, I wanted to do a non beauty related post about the work of  Will Cotton whose various paintings, drawings and sculpture all have a candy theme. His work is incredible, never have I wanted to jump into a painting more!

mmm....I want to eat it all!

Katy Perry has spoken about how inspired she was by his work, and he was even the Creative Director of her candyland themed California Girls music video:

He also painted Katy in his trademark style (naked, on a pink candy floss cloud) for the cover of her Teenage Dream album (I love this picture!):

On a side note, I recently went to see Katy Perry in London on her California Dreams tour, her show was amazing....just like stepping into a Will Cotton painting! When we entered the theatre it smelt like Candy Floss, the set was made to look like sweets, there were bubbles and beach balls falling from the ceiling, countless costume changes and Katy herself is pretty entertaining! I was too busy having a good time to take any photos, but Katy just released this behind the scenes video. Enjoy!

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