Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Cherry Blossom

The recent hot weather signals that Spring is here, and with the start of a new season begins my longing for a Spring/Summer fragrance. I was looking for something sweet and floral, with the much loved Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb and Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh being my favourites.

....seriously, how cute is this tester strip! 

Then I smelt Cherry Blossom by L'Occitane. At £35 for 100ml it was the sensible option and I willingly purchased a bottle.

It smells like cherry blossom (no surprises there then!) We used to have a cherry blossom tree in my garden and until I smelt this perfume I wasn't even aware that cherry blossom had a fragrance, but this smells just like the morning spring air. It's light, girly and floral, perfect for this time of year when the trees are blossoming with pink and white flowers and the weather is (finally!) warming up.

Flying in the first breeze of spring Cherry Blossom is so rare and precious

One way I have been making this perfume smell even better is by combining it with good old Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula, everyone knows the delicious chocolate scent. When combined with Cherry Blossom the  result is simply amazing! I smell like a chocolate dipped cherry... for one of those can't stop smelling yourself moments!

Palmer's in an old favourite of mine, I have at least 3 different products from the range. I would love to try the Olive Butter Formula but I just cannot tear myself away from the original chocolate scent. With April starting next week I am increasingly aware that summer will soon be upon us, I'm trying to stay ahead of the game by getting my skin in tip top condition, so I'm not a complete flaky, pasty mess come June. Moisturising is the key especially as I work in an office with no access to a window.....mmm recirculated air....lovely! So I have been making sure to moisturise religiously after bathing - something I'm normally very slack on! Hopefully I'll start to see an improvement to my dry skin soon, and if nothing else....at least I smell fabulous. 


  1. I absolutely love Marc Jacob's Daisy and got the chance to smell the new edition while shopping in Boots yesterday. I think the phrase 'falling in love all over again' would be an understatement! I'm going to have a look around for the Cherry Blossom perfume you purchased as it's definitely a more sensible alternative! :)

    love xo

  2. Daisy Eau so Fresh is gorgeous! I will definitely be adding it to my birthday list this year :)