Thursday, 31 March 2011

2true Instant Volume Mascara

Most of my posts could start with the phrase... 'I bought this product because I saw Lisa Eldridge using it in one of her videos'. In the case of this mascara... I did only buy the product because Lisa Eldridge mentioned it in her Fresh Pink Lip video.

I am pretty fussy when it comes to mascara as most seem to smudge and flake on me, as a result I generally stick to my beloved Max factor Masterpiece mascara. I was surprised when Lisa recommended a 2True mascara, being one of the cheapest mascaras you can buy I did doubt the quality. Nevertheless, Lisa is one Lady who knows her make up so I decided for the sake of £2 it was worth trying out.

2True Instant Volume Mascara, No 1 Black, £1.99, Superdrug

2True is not a brand I have ever tried or even looked into before, I know it's cheap and occupies a flimsy stand at the start of the make up aisle in my local Superdrug. In store, I pretty much grabbed the mascara and paid, I didn't look at the other products from the range but I believe they all cost £1.99 and I think there was a deal where you could buy 3 for £5.

On first impression it came across as a bog standard mascara, nowadays most mascaras seem a bit gimmicky....with a special wand, or the promise of making your lashes grow longer, it was almost weird to see such an ordinary looking mascara wand.

This product has surprised me, I really didn't expect anything from it but it applies easily, separates lashes nicely and doesn't clump. It is a very natural looking mascara, perfect for day time/office/school wear. This mascara lasted the whole day on me with minimal amounts of smudging and didn't flake (woohoo!). I was really impressed with the quality of this mascara, it's a lot better than many pricier mascaras I have tried in the past and proves you don't need to splash out on a high end mascara when there are so many brilliant 'drugstore' versions out there, which do the same thing for a fraction of the price. I think next time I'm in Superdrug I will check out the rest of the 2True range. Thanks Lisa!

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