Monday, 28 February 2011

Superdrug Clarity Shine Control Paper

Shine control paper or oil absorbing sheets have been around for years, i never really paid much attention to them until I started using Maxfactor Xperience foundation, see review here, a foundation which makes my skin look greasy by lunchtime (I'm determined to use it all up before buying another - I don't like to waste make up). I hate having a shiny nose, and decided that carrying shine control paper is probably easier than carting round a powder compact complete with full size powder brush.

The Blurb: Clarity Shine Control Paper works to absorb excess oil from the skin, leaving a trace of translucent mattifying powder for an instantly fresh, shine-free finish.

The shine control paper from the Clarity range is the only oil absorbing paper I found available in my small-ish branch of Superdrug. It is not available online and the receipt has long since been thrown away, but I think a pack of 65 sheets cost around £2.85, which is pretty inexpensive when you consider Mac's version cost £10.50 for 30 sheets. Saying that, for a Superdrug brand I had hoped they would be around the £1.99 mark....but hey what's 86p?

The papers come in a little booklet, roughly the same size as the palm of my hand, making them very portable, and they remain in my handbag at all times. To use them you rip out a sheet, dab it on your face where you have excess shine, the paper mops up the oil and you are left with matte looking skin. The paper does a fab job of absorbing excess's so satisfying (and kind of disgusting) to see how much oil the paper sucks up. I wasn't aware of any powder on the paper until I read about it on the back of the packet, but it explains why the paper does a great job of mattifying the skin. I use these over the top of makeup, and I don't find they interfere with my make up in any way, as you only dab the paper on your face rather than rub it in.

I don't think you can really use these in public as it looks a bit strange to be dabbing a sheet of brown paper on your face.... I also kind of love inspecting the paper afterwards (I do this with pore strips too - yes I'm weird!).

I will definitely be repurchasing these when they run out, they are so handy for freshening up your skin in the middle of the day and have become one of my secret beauty staples. I only need to use one a day if my skin is looking shiny and 65 sheets should last me a good while. I think these will be really handy in the summer when the heat makes skin extra oily.

For anyone out there who is it weird like me and wants to see, I have included a picture of some used paper to illustrate how much oil these sheets can get off your face. This was used on what I would consider non oily, non shiny skin....yet it still managed to soak up a shocking amount of oil. If you don't like this kind of thing don't scroll down.... you have been warned!

Scary huh?

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