Monday, 24 January 2011

Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation

Max Factor Xperience Foundation £12.99


My supplies of Revlon PhotoReady and Color Stay decided to run out at the same time (handy), so when I needed to buy more foundation I opted to branch out and try Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation. I chose the lightest shade, Light Ivory 40.

The blurb: Its formula contains natural jojoba extract, gives flawless coverage with a surprisingly air - light feel.

What I say: I decided to buy this after swatching it on my hand. I was really blown away by the way it melted into my skin, the coverage seemed good and it made my skin tone look even and radiant....I was sold.

I have been using the foundation for a week now. My initial thoughts on the packaging was that the tube is tiny, but it contains 30ml of product, which is the same as both Revlon PhotoReady and Color Stay, I guess the slimline tube also makes it more portable compared to the bulky Revlon bottles. It has a fresh scent and the colour is a pretty good match for my skin tone. Being a pale girl, my biggest fear is foundations that are too orange, luckily this isn't. I would say it gives medium coverage, it evens out my skin tone but a concealer is required for any red patches or spots. It does melt into the skin easily, for this reason I find I do end up using quite a bit of the product per application. 

I can't really comment on the weightless feeling of this foundation as I often have other products on my face before I apply my base, i.e. moisturiser and primer, and using a setting powder over the top does leave a heavier feeling on my skin. However, when I swatch the product on my hand it feels completely weightless. I do not feel caked in make up wearing this foundation, it allows my skin to breathe, it is lighter than Color Stay but not noticeably heavier or lighter than PhotoReady.

I find the foundation has great staying power and lasts for a whole working day, however I do notice that by the afternoon it often sticks to my dry skin making it look quite flaky. My biggest problem with this product was that it made my skin look very oily, mainly on my nose. On the first day of using the foundation I was horrified to find my nose looked incredibly greasy and shiny by lunchtime. This problem was easily solved the next day by using a setting powder over the top of the foundation, I would not walk out the door wearing this product without applying a finishing powder. 

Overall I like this long as I'm wearing a setting powder with it. It doesn't feel as amazing on my face as it did on my hand (not to self - the skin on the face and hand is not the same!). I would not be opposed to purchasing again, but would probably return to PhotoReady which contains an SPF 20 compared to Xperience's SPF 10, and does not leave my skin looking as oily.

Apologies for the rubbish photographs....i leave for work in the dark and return home in the dark so taking good photos is tricky!


  1. i need a long-lasting everyday foundation with medium to full coverage, i also set it with a powder but which would youu recommend, photoready, colorstay or xperience?:) :)

  2. If you're looking for full coverage I'd go colorstay, it's the longest lasting and the thickest of the 3. I didn't like Xperience but I love Photoready - however Photoready is very thin and the coverage isn't that great.
    Hope that helps, if you're looking to go higher end, everyone seems to rave about Estee Lauders Double Wear :)

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    1. :) vote in my foundation poll that I've added to the side of my blog:)