Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Well let's have a little recap of February's goals shall we?

 Read at least two books this month.

 Do some baking - can't believe we're into February and I am still yet to bake anything this year.

 Go make up free as much as possible.

 Buy a decent pair of jeans - I have been putting this off for so long - dress shopping and jean shopping are two of my most dreaded tasks!

Well....I didn't read, I didn't bake and make up stayed on my face at all times....so pretty much a big fat fail.
I did however buy a pair of jeans (woohoo!) Topshop Marthas...only available in black on the website but mine are a dark blue wash, straight leg....perfect for me.

February has been such a busy month and I don't anticipate March being any quieter  so I am going to make some pretty simple goals:


I chose the pic of Mila Kunis for this post as I thought she was the best dressed at the Oscars, I love the lavender colour of her dress - very pretty! I was pleased to see Natalie Portman and Colin Firth won (no surprises there!) but disappointed Geoffrey Rush missed out on the best supporting actor Oscar.

Fingers crossed March brings some sunshine!

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