Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I took advantage of the last few days of my Christmas break to have a nosy round my local shopping centre.
The shops are a bit of a mess at the items everywhere, including the floor, and a weird mix of winter and summer clothing.....bikini in January anyone?
I picked up a few items....nothing of much interest, but I thought i'd share them here.

2011 Diary - WHSmith
The all important 2011 diary, this is actually really teeny....even smaller than A5. I buy a diary every year, whether I get round to using it is a different story. I chose this one because its handy size makes it perfect for shoving in my handbag, and I'm feeling pretty committed to being organised this year!

Clutch bag -  Zara
There was absolutely no need for me to purchase another clutch bag - particularly one made out of a material that will inevitably find itself covered in my grubby fingerprints. I had previously lusted over this bag on the Zara website, so when I saw it on sale for a mere £9.99 I grabbed it. I love the vibrant hot pink colour, and it comes with a detachable chain....yes I am a pro at justifying my purchases.

Cream blush in Neon Rose - Topshop
I've read good reviews on this and thought i'd branch out from my usual nude colour blusher/highlighter. I love the packaging of these products, so simple and cute.

Purse - Topshop
I have been on the hunt for a new purse for months. I hadn't come across one I liked, but with my current purse practically falling apart it was time to bit the bullet and pick one. I chose this leopard print number from Topshop. I don't think I'm completely sold on it but it has all the required compartments.

Et Voila!

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