Monday, 30 April 2012

The Body Shop Wild Cherry Body Butter

The Body Shop Wild Cherry Body Butter, from £5.00

You can't go wrong with The Body Shop body butters, I love all the different versions and have numerous favourite scents. My current favourite is wild cherry, which smells fruity and delicious! The body butters are great as they are super thick and very moisturising, they do edge towards the greasy side of moisturiser and seems to take an age to dry after application, but I love to use them when my skin is feeling dehydrated.

I tend to always buy the small pots of the Body Butters, I get bored easily and like to change scents regularly. I currently have 3 different body butter on rotation: wild cherry, strawberry and shea body, although I think coconut will always be my favourite - no surprises there then! The 50ml tubs are £5 each and despite being pretty tiny they always seem to last ages, this product is an old favourite of mine.

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  1. I really want to try this one, I imagine it smells amazing! Also been looking for the blueberry but can't find it anywhere since they've been on offer!

    Lovely blog :)