Sunday, 22 January 2012

Une Skin Glow Pencil

Une Skin Glow Pencil in GO2, £6.99
'A soft texture, easy to blend, for concealing small imperfections and creating halos of light. Fresh and luminous shades, perfectly suited to all complexions. Skin is subtly sculpted and illuminated.'

Une answered my quest for a drugstore nude eye pencil with their Skin Glow pencil. I'm not a massive lover of Une, whilst I appreciate is is the younger, more natural sister of Bourjois, I find the range hard to shop, the packaging is so white and minimalist and all the products seem to look the same.

I grabbed this pencil in shade GO2 which was the lightest I could find (the stand was a bit of a mess) and seems to be a pretty good match to my skin tone. Further research has uncovered that there are actually 4 shades in the range, GO2 is the second lightest. The pencil is priced at £6.99 which is in keeping with the brand's pricing, although I would say it is priced slightly higher than average for a drugstore brand. 

Onto the review: the pencil has a creamy, blendable formula which makes it great for applying to the skin i.e. to highlight the inner corner of the eye of the cupid's bow. It has a very slight dewy look once blended but in all honesty it's barely noticeable on the skin and doesn't seem to last long. I have attempted to use this product to cover imperfections and it does a pretty mediocre job, it's not fantastic for covering redness and it definitely doesn't match up to a proper concealer.

I primarily wanted this pencil for lining the rims of my eyes but I think the formula is too soft and creamy for this and it tends to glide off my waterline very quickly and very easily. Overall I think this pencil is more suited to using as a skin highlighter rather than on the eyes, although the 'glow' effect isn't that noticeable. My search for a decent nude pencil eyeliner continues.


  1. i love nude penicls, great for lots of things :D

  2. thats a shame, i have never heard of this brand though i feel i may stay away from it

  3. @missmathful they definitely have lots of uses!

    @Aimee It's not a brand I buy from very often, I like to stick to my favourites :)

  4. I'd been looking for a nude pencil for ages and finally came across one by Look (the magazine has launched a beauty range) in Superdrug which seems to do a pretty good job and it's only £4! I didn't know that Une was the younger sister of Bourjois - shame they don't have any of the fun packaging but I might look into some of their other products now.

    1. I really love the Look brand, especially their nail polishes :) I would never have thought they would have made a nude pencil, thanks for the tip! :)