Saturday, 21 January 2012

Look Nail Polish

I've been really impressed with the relatively new Look Make Up range, not only have the products received rave reviews from bloggers but the packaging is very cute and the range of nail polish colours is amazing! Unfortunately my local Superdrug doesn't stock the range (boo) but on a recent shopping trip to a bigger store I managed to pick up three nail polishes.

From L to R: Kimono, Hotpants and Vintage, £5 each

The nail polishes or 'nail pops' are a good size and priced at £5 for 10 ml. I know I'm not the only one who wishes Superdrug wouldn't plaster the products with those ugly security stickers, not pretty Superdrug..not pretty! Rant over and onto the swatches:

Vintage is such a beautiful shade and I think it's my favourite out of the three. The colour is a gorgeous light blue which looks pretty and fresh worn on the nails. The formula is good and gives an even coverage, drying to a polished, glossy finish. I think this is a really lovely shade for Spring and I'm keen to wear this on my nails again soon.

I bought this shade because it resembles a certain Peridot by Chanel. As you can see from the photographs it looks different depending on the lighting, changing from golden green to a shimmering bronzed colour. This is such an interesting nail polish to wear and given that I don't own a green polish I felt it deserved a place in my collection. This is a great polish to buy if you love the look of Peridot but don't want to pay Chanel prices.

Hotpants (love the name!) was my final nail polish purchase, I own nothing similar and really loved the gorgeous bronze colour of this polish. I find both Kimono and Hotpants dry quickly and look beautiful after just one coat (although I always apply two) the finish is shimmery and catches the light beautifully. I think this makes a great everyday colour and the bronze shade goes with anything.

I am keen to try out other products from the Look range especially as I've heard great things about the eyeshadows, blushers and mascara. One thing I am disappointed about is that I can't seem to find a website for the range, also it doesn't seem to be available on the Superdrug website although they do have a facebook page. I really hope the range becomes available online soon as I would love to browse/buy online.


  1. I really want to try some things from the Look range! These polishes you chose all look lovely x

  2. Thank you :) They have a really lovely range of products, can't wait to try some more! x

  3. i really want some look beauty products but no where near me sells them :(

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

  4. I've been told that the range will be available on the Look website soon :)

  5. kimono does look like peridot, which i have and love :D

  6. i reallllllly want to buy some of there range

  7. @MissMathful I'm so pleased I found a decent dupe! :)

    @Aimee It's a really lovely range! :)

  8. I agree, it's such a pretty shade :)