Thursday, 12 January 2012

Lily Flame Candles

Lily Flame Candle, £8.50

Spread a little Sunshine!

I have admired Lily Flame Candles from afar for quite some time now, so I was overjoyed to receive my first one as a Christmas present from one of my lovely friend's. I think these candles are gorgeous, each and every one smell divine - trust me I once spent an afternoon in John Lewis smelling them all! They are packaged in cute coloured tins and given lovely names.

My friend chose Smile for me, which is a really nice sentiment and was such a lovely gift to receive! The smell is sweet and uplifting, it smells juicy and carries a raspberry scent. Yum!

The inside of the tin is equally as pretty as the outside, the candle is studded with lumps of jewel coloured wax which smell fabulous. The tin states the burning time is 30 to 35 hours, I haven't burnt mine for that long so I can't comment on this, but the candle is a pretty decent size and I imagine it has quite a lengthy burn time.

The candle is priced at £8.50 which I don't think is particularly cheap however I wouldn't begrudge paying that price as I think these candles are high quality and make ideal gifts. Lily Flame candles are handmade in England, although the company seems to be pretty low key with not much more than a website - I can't seem to find them on Twitter. Lily Flame candles are stocked in both John Lewis and Waitrose and I have also found them in a local gift shop. 

My other favourite Lily Flame scents (from my afternoon in John Lewis) include: Coconut Grove, Gardenia, Comfort and Joy and Festive Cheer (for Christmas). I will definitely add a few more to my collection as they all smell gorgeous and I might also purchase a few as gifts for friends.


  1. i love lily candles, they do a fresh cut grass one which is amazing :D

  2. I'll have to check that one out! :)