Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Essie Van D'Go

Essie Van D'Go, £9.50
I have been on a bit of a nail varnish spree recently and as a result have quite a few shades to blog about! First up is Essie Van D'Go which has been on my wishlist (on the left hand side of this blog) for sometime now. I snagged it during an Asos sale where i paid £6 for it (normal price £9.50).

This polish is a very girly colour it's a milky, peachy, pink (more peach than pink) when I first applied it I was pretty shocked at how milky it was, my first thought was that it was so white based it resembled peach coloured tippex! Some people have commented on how it has a slight neon quality, I'm not sure I would agree but it's definitely a bright, creamy, salmon pink shade! I also find this polish looks different in certain lights, in brighter light it looks pinker whereas in dim light it seems more peachy/corally.

It took 3 coats to achieve a good finish and I found it slightly patchy on application, the brush head is really thin and in all honesty a bit rubbish which surprised me as Essie is a pretty expensive nail polish brand. Overall, I really like this shade, it's different from any other colour I own and would be great to wear during summer, especially as the peachy tone makes my skin look a little bit tanned! :)


  1. this seems like such a popular colour in the blogging world, i think it sits unloved at the back of my drawer,, i find it quite hard to work with :S


  2. This is soooo pretty, I'm adding it to my wishlist! xx

  3. @MissMathful A lot of people love it, I agree it is quite hard to work with but I like the finished effect :)

    @Cara Pleased you like it, it's a very pretty shade! Keep and eye on Asos, I got it on sale there and free delivery! :)

  4. I have this nail polish too and I love it so much! It's perfect for spring I think :) x

  5. I agree, it's a lovely colour for spring! :)