Monday, 7 November 2011

Monday Poll

I saw this on Fee's blog - Makeup Savvy, which is one of my favourite beauty blogs ever. It seemed like such a cute idea I couldn't resist doing my own version.

1. Mood?

Feeling quite tense and anxious lately, not really sure why. I find beauty blogging a bit of a release and quite therapeutic so when I feel like this I normally focus on blogging more.

2. If you could dine (for free) anywhere in the world tonight, where would it be?

I would probably want to go back to PJ's Oyster Bar in Florida, it's a fab place where beer comes in pitchers and there are signed dollars pinned all over the walls but I think it's great and is a bit renowned in our family (I even have a PJ's t shirt, oh yes!) eating the delicious food there would hopefully mean I would be waking up in Florida the next day to relax by the pool/enjoy the beautiful beach!

3. Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I have one sister who is 17, as a teen she's a bit of a nightmare but we also get along brilliantly at times.

4. If your pets could talk, what would they say about you?

My dog Phoebs (Phoebe) would probably tell me off for not taking her on enough walks. I hope she'd also say I give her lots of nice treats and cuddles.

5. Which one do you follow most often, your heart or your head?

My heart...I should really learn to follow my head.

6. What are three songs on your road trip playlist?

Last Summer by Lost Prophets which for me is the ultimate driving song and brings back a lot of memories. I'm constantly singing the Dickhead Song to my parents, sister and boyfriend so a sing a long of that would probably have to go in there as well. Then it would be a toss up between Katy Perry's Teenage Dream which I like to sing along to (very loudly) when I'm driving or a Friendly Fires album.

7. Would you consider yourself renowned or famous for anything in particular?

Probably a love of make up, spending too long getting ready and shopping in Boots and Superdrug. I'm also renowned for over packing, I recently packed three bags for a one night stay, needless to say I was heavily ridiculed!

8. Your favorite place for dessert?

There are no where near enough places you can pop out for dessert in the UK! There used to be an American style restaurant near us when I was younger, it was very cool as it had a real airplane cockpit in the restaurant and a motorised model plane that used to circle around inside. Anyway it used to serve the biggest ice cream sundaes I have ever seen, way before ginormous ice cream desserts for two people were available widely. It was so big that you used to get a certificate if you ate it all, I would always order one and eat the good bits (i.e. the mars bars sticking out the top) and leave my dad to finish the boring ice cream. I'd make my poor dad polish off the whole thing just so I'd get the certificate, so I'd probably go back and share one of those with my dad. It also came with a sparkler, does anyone else remember the days of sparklers in your ice cream?

9. Scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

I've seen plenty of horror films in my time but the one that stands out is this film called The Haunting which is way back from 1999 yet stars some pretty big names (Liam Neeson, Owen Wilson and Catherine Zeta Jones). I watched it with friends who announced it was the least scary thing they'd seen but for some reason it terrified me to my core. To give you some idea of how completely unscary it is, it carries a 12 rating, 12!!!!! I'd hope if I watched it now I'd laugh my way through it but for some reason it completely freaked me out when I was younger....maybe because it was to do with the ghosts of small children?
I have to say though, I love horror films but they completely freak me out (I'm an over thinker) so the trick is to hide behind your hands during the scary parts, that way you can't be too freaked out. What can I say, I've just exposed myself as a mega wimp.

10. Weekly goals:

Blog more, laugh more, eat less.

Feel free to do this tag and send me your links :o) x


  1. Ohhh that dessert sounds amazing and I want to go to a place like that! lol

    I love reading these so thanks for doing it :)

    Fee x

  2. hehe, it was amazing but would leave you feeling pretty sick afterwards.
    Thanks Fee x

  3. I would have to do what you did and force my boyfriend to eat the rest of it :) hehe

    Fee x

  4. i love these kinds of posts, it is great to find out other things about bloggers instead of makeup stuff :D

  5. It was a nice change and I loved reading Fee's. My tags always turn into a bit of a ramble...I guess I just love to talk :-S x