Monday, 26 September 2011

What's in My Holiday Bag? Part 3

This is the final What's in My Holiday Bag post, this last post is a kind of mish mash of other products I'm taking on holiday which I wanted to share with you, so clockwise from left:

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil 100ml £16.00: I love this product even if it is a tad expensive. It's a dry oil which helps moisturise your skin without leaving it greasy. It also adds a light bronzed shimmer to your skin without being as extreme as a fake tan product. I'm hoping this will go someway to giving me a bit of colour in the evenings, even if it is just an illusion and I'm back to lily white the next day.

Bow Hairbands £1.99, H&M : I couldn't resist these cute hairbands as I love the bow on them. They'd probably suit an Autumn/winter wardrobe more, but I think they'll look nice during the evenings.

Sunglasses, Prada: These were a present from my boyfriend a couple of years ago. I normally leave them at home when I go on holiday as I'm worried about losing/breaking them and I have plenty of pairs of cheaper Primark sunnies which I love. However this year I've decided to take these with me as I love the butterfly shape of them.

Tangle Teezer £10.20, Boots: Pool, Beach and wind spells disaster for my long hair so taking the tangle teezer is an absolute necessity and should help me tame my mega knotty locks without ripping half my hair out!

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Moisturiser £3.99, Boots: I have just done a review on this product see here. This smells gorgeous and is a perfect, light moisturiser which leaves my skin looking fresh and clean.

Estee Laudee Sensuous Nude Eau de Parfum £34.00 - £68.00: I recently gave this perfume a full review, see here for details. 

Nail Polishes: Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Fruit Salad £1.79 & No 7 Sultry Sands from the Summer 2011 Collection £7.00, both Boots: I tend to always go for a coral colour on holiday but I thought pairing it with the gold sultry sands would be beautiful too. I aways take nail varnish and remover pads on holiday with me, as the sun and water makes nails prone to chipping.

And finally, the last thing I'm taking is this baby:

Amazon Kindle
My Kindle was a birthday present from my boyfriend. I do some major reading on holiday so it's nice that I can just take the Kindle and not lug loads of books with me, Kindles are also suitable for reading in direct sunlight as they are not backlit and the battery lasts for ages! Now I just need to decide what books to download, all recommendations welcome!


  1. i always have to take nail polish on holiday, if it chips and you cant redo it, its a nightmare... ive been considering a kindle for a while also :D

  2. The kindle is fab, kind of an ipod for books :) x