Monday, 26 September 2011

Freshly Painted: Chanel Black Pearl

Chanel Black Pearl £17.50, Chanel
Whilst everyone is now fixated on Peridot, Black Pearl was last year's Chanel shade of choice. Whilst I poured over the pictures and lusted after the shade, I put off buying it as £17 for a nail polish is rather extortionate expensive. I waited and waited for a decent drugstore dupe, I must have googled it about a million times to see if any other blogger out there had come across one, there were a few similar shades but nothing that I deemed a close enough match. After months of searching I decided enough was enough and marched straight to the Chanel counter, where I bought this baby.

I literally couldn't wait to try it out, I'd seen picture after picture and admired it at the Chanel counter but now it was mine *evil laugh*. I can confirm that it is as beautiful on as it is in the bottle, to me it's more than just a grey polish, I love the pearly, milky quality and the teal metallic tinge running through it. It looks understated and expensive. Application is a breeze, two coats and a top coat and you're ready to go, it's not particularly streaky and drys relatively quickly

Is it worth £17? Probably not, the quality of the nail polish is the same as any other drug store polishes yet the colour is one that I have never seen replicated to the same standard anywhere else and that is why I had to have the Chanel.

I've popped this colour on my nails for the time being as I'm off on holiday this week, where I will be returning back to Summer's hot pinks and corals - just when I was getting used to the Autumn shades - but I'm sure I'll be reaching for Black Pearl when I get home.


  1. Very pretty! I imagined it to be darker which was a put off to me

  2. i love it, i picked up peridot and graphite... this is like a more sensible version of graphite i think, so it would be great for work. i love chanel polishes i know they are expensive and i only have a few but i tend to get the more individual colours that cant be duped with cheaper brands... :D

  3. @mercedes - I was impressed that it wasn't just another dark grey polish, the milky/pearly quality is beautiful!

    @MissMathful - lucky you having both those shades, they are both beautiful! I agree about splurging every so often - my motto is definitely when you can't find a cheap dupe buy the Chanel! :)

    @Dolly Daydream - love your name! :) This colour is one of my faves!