Saturday, 17 September 2011

New Brushes

New Brushes!

Due to a recent birthday and various shopping trips I have acquired six new make up brushes, which in my mind is always a good thing. 

Ruby & Millie i-brush,i-Define brush £1.66 each, Boots

First up are two Ruby and Millie brushes, these must be discontinued as they were priced at a mere £1.66 each and I'm sure I remember a time when they were floating around the £6/£7 mark. I like the look of these brushes, the silver is sleek and I think they look quite professional. 

The top brush in the picture is called the i-brush, whilst the bristles look quite cheap they are relatively soft. I like the size of this brush and the fact the bristles aren't too tightly packed together, I find it ideal for blending above and below the eye.

The bottom brush is the i-Define brush and I bought it to use for gel eyeliners. The bristles are nice and firm,  although the head is pretty dinky. Whilst the small size makes it ideal for getting close to the lash line, I think the size is a bit too small for me as I prefer a slightly bigger brush for applying gel liner to my lids. This size brush would be more suited to applying gel liner to the water line, or if you wanted to draw a very thin line of eyeliner along the lash line. I think this would also make an excellent concealer brush.

(Top) No 7 Smokey Eyeliner Brush, (Bottom) Precision Eyeliner Brush £7.25 each, Boots

These two brushes were bought courtesy of the £5 No 7 Boots vouchers. I already own both these brushes but they come in so handy I decided to purchase some more. I find No 7 brushes are really great quality for a high street band, well priced (especially with a No 7 voucher) and I use them pretty much everyday.

The top brush is the Smokey Eyeliner Brush, normally priced at £7.25 it cost me £2.25 with the voucher. I use this brush pretty much everyday on my bottom lash line as I find it's the perfect size to blend shadow underneath the eye. I do on occasion use it close to my top lash line to create a smokey eye effect. The bristles are nicely packed together so I find that this brush picks up quite a bit of product giving an intense colour pay off.

The bottom brush is the Precision Eyeliner Brush, normal retail price £7.25. This is great for using with gel or liquid eyeliners but I also use it with normal eyeshadow as it allows you to get into those harder to reach places such as the inner corner, because of the flat shape of this brush I also find it perfect to use on my waterline.

I generally only buy No 7 brushes with my £5 vouchers, when you consider with a voucher the majority of them cost around £2 it really is a bargain for such lovely brushes.

(Top) Eco Tools Bamboo Powder Brush £10.71, (Bottom) Bamboo Eye
Shadow Brush £5.61, Boots

I received these two brushes as birthday presents, having never owned any Eco Tools brushes before I was super happy to receive them. Oh.My.Gosh these are sooo unbelievably soft and fluffy....they are gorgeous! The brushes look fab too, I love the wooden handles and they feel very well made.

With a name like Eco Tools it's not surprising the find out the company are eco friendly - the brushes are made from natural and recycled materials and the bristles are cruelty free. I also like the fact on the back of the packaging there is a 'green tip' one of the mine was:

'Find new uses for old things. Wrap gifts in old Sunday comics instead of store bought wrapping paper.'

The top brush is the Bamboo Powder Brush, it is huge and fluffy which makes it perfect for applying blusher and powder. It gives a nice even distribution of product on the skin but because of the size you have to be careful not to apply too much product to you face - overdone blusher is never a good look! I absolutely adore this brush and have been using it everyday. 

The second brush is the Bamboo Eye Shadow Brush. Like the powder brush this is pretty sizable and has very soft but compact bristles. I like to use it to apply shadow all over my lid, It also comes in handy when applying eye shadow to the crease and highlighting under the brow bone. 

I love the Eco Tools brushes and will definitely be adding more to my collection in the future!


  1. i always buy No7 brushes with the vouchers, i love the blend and contour brush, i need another come to think of it :D

  2. The blend and contour brush is my favorite! I have three but I use them everyday! :o)