Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Colour Blocking: Sleek Monaco Palette

'Inspired by the Mediterranean, this 12 shade palette is the perfect addition to your summer make-up. Choose from sunset oranges and browns, or breezy turquoise to highlight your holiday tan!'

I know this palette has been doing the rounds recently, I have seen it featured on various blogs for months and months. The latest palette from Sleek is the Monaco i-divine palette from the Mediterranean Collection priced at £7.00. Like all Sleek palettes it is pretty dinky in size and contains 12 highly pigmented eyeshadows.

In general I shy away from bright colours...I'm more of a nude or monochrome kind of gal! So when I first saw preview pics of this palette doing the rounds I couldn't have been less interested. Perhaps it was the over exposure but gradually over time I became more intrigued with the vibrant colours in this palette and started lusting over one shadow in particular, the beautiful, shimmery, lilac coloured Lotus blossom. By the time the release date for this collection rolled around I knew I had to have one.

Purchase I did and it has made a refreshing change to experiment with bright colours rather than the standard bronzes and golds. I won't bore you with too much detail, but as standard with the Sleek brand these eyeshadows are easy to apply - if slightly crumbly - highly pigmented with good colour pay off and fairly long lasting. This palette would be ideal for someone like me who is slightly apprehensive about wearing bold colours, it is very reasonably priced and therefore is a lot cheaper to use for experimenting rather than purchasing more expensive products from higher priced brands.

Onto the colours, which are in all fairness pretty beautiful: Bamboo and Sand Walker are two lovely nude colours which can be combined with the sunset hues of Washed Ashore, Moors Treasure and Sunset. Blue and turquoise shades are obviously present in this palette, in fact there are four altogether Summer Breeze, Aquamarine, Hummingbird and Midnight Garden and finally the three brightest shades are the green Kiwi Zest, lilac Lotus Flower and the vibrant pink Magenta. My favourite shadows are probably the three shimmery shades on the bottom row:- Kiwi Zest, Lotus Flower and Hummingbird - the shimmer is just gorgeous and whilst not particularly subtle everyday make up I find that if applied sparingly they look stunning on the eyelid as the shimmer catches the light. I also really love the warm orange colours mainly Sunset and Washed Ashore as they are the perfect contrast colour to my green eyes. 

This palette is a lovely splash of colour in my make up collection, Sleek have made an afforable collection of beautiful summer colours. I wasn't particularly interested in the pout polish or blusher from the Mediterranean collection, the Santorini blusher was just too bright for me, not too dissimilar in colour to Magenta from the eyeshadow palette. My only complaint would be that I liked the fact the Pan Tao blusher from the Avoir La Peche collection had a blossom design on the front so I am slightly disappointed Sleek missed the opportunity to decorate the front of this palette... minor detail I know, but I like pretty Sleek palettes!

I could imagine someone like Katy Perry wearing the colours featured in this palette, her new video for TGIF features loads of bright 80's colours, so I had to post it here....I love it so much!


  1. looks great but im the same i love more neutral colours lol :D

  2. hehe, it's nice to wear a bright colour every so often but I do love nude and brown colours the most :)