Monday, 28 March 2011

Sleek Pan Tao Blusher

A high pigmented show stopping shade that will see heads turning

This blusher is from the very pretty Avoir La Peche collection by Sleek. I first clocked it last weekend and after some swatching decided against purchasing anything as it all seemed a bit too orange. Then the online reviews emerged, and I instantly regretted not having a proper look at the collection.

So a week later I trundled back to Superdrug fearing it would have sold out (I never did find Molten Metal in store) but luckily all three items were still in stock. As a somewhat pasty girl, I recognise that orangy/coral colours are more suited to warm skin tones, for this reason I overlooked the Sugar May pout polish and whilst I was tempted by the beautiful Paraguaya palette, realistically I would only wear a few of the shades, as proven by the fact I have barely touched the Good Girl idivine palette. Recently, I have been watching a number of You Tube tutorials featuring coral colours, and a coral blusher was definitely on my mind. The Pan Tao blusher, retailing at a reasonable £4.30, seemed like the perfect option.

This blusher is a really bright orange/hot coral colour, completely lacking in pink tones. I will warn you, in the pan it is bright orange.....I mean really orange... frighteningly orange! which is the main reason I overlooked it in the first place. As with all Sleek blushers it is highly pigmented, you need a very light hand to apply, but when worn it gives a lovely peachy glow. I have attempted to take a picture of a swatch showing it fairly lightly applied, so you can see it's not some horrible highlighter pen orange colour.

I also just have to mention the packaging, it comes in the normal sturdy blusher holder not too dissimilar to NARS packaging. Just like the other Sleek Blusher I own it is very stiff to open and I worry I will break a nail/shatter the product when opening. However, the flowers on the lid are a very cute addition to the bog standard black Sleek packaging!

All in all I'm happy with my purchase, a coral coloured blusher is something which my make up collection has been lacking up 'til now. If you like coral colours the Avoir La Peche is worth checking out.

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  1. Great review! I have never been able to find Molten Metal in store either but you can order it online if you don't mind paying the postage - I haven't yet ;-)

    Kate (