Wednesday, 27 April 2011

e.l.f. Make Up Brushes

Elf is a much discussed, very affordable cosmetic brand whose products I had, until recently, only admired from afar. However, during one of their recent free delivery offers (you have to hand it to elf...they are very generous at dishing out the free delivery offers and discount codes) I decided to finally take the plunge and place an order. I ended up purchasing four brushes from the elf range, three from the studio line priced at £3.50 each and one regular brush priced at £1.50. In total my order came to £12 and postage was free. Now, £12 for four brushes is what I can only describe as an absolute bargain, seriously where else would you get four brushes for that price?! 

Studio Line Complexion Brush £3.50

My first purchase was the Complexion Brush from the studio line, I have to say I love the look of the studio line brushes, the black colour is very sleek and makes them look more expensive than they are. This brush is what I would describe as a large blusher brush, the synthetic Taklon bristles are soft which makes the brush lovely to use on the face, they are also densely packed making it easy to collect and distribute product onto the skin.  I have not experienced any shedding from this brush, which I find amazing considering that some of my other (pricier) blusher brushes shed like irritating to have to pick black hairs off your face! Whilst this brush has been designed for applying powder, it's pretty multifunctional and I also use it to apply blusher and highlighter, it gives a lovely even layer of colour.

Studio Line Powder Brush £3.50

The second brush I bought is the Powder brush from the Studio Line, like the Complexion Brush it is priced at a very reasonable £3.50. I wanted to purchase this brush as I don't think I have read a bad review of it anywhere! I don't own anything similar to the powder brush so a flat topped brush was a welcome addition to my collection. Once again the bristles are densely packed and SO soft....seriously cannot stress enough how lovely and soft these brushes are! This brush is great for buffing products into the skin, I mainly use it to dust on my setting powder but I also use it to apply bronzer or buff out the colour when I have been a bit heavy handed with the blusher. This brush can also be used with liquid foundation, with a stippling action being most effective, I would really recommend this brush seeing as it is so multi functional!

Studio Line Eyeshadow 'C' Brush £3.50

The Eyeshadow 'C' brush is my final purchase from the studio line. I have quite a few eyeshadow brushes but like the fact that this one is designed to be used on the crease. I don't think i've quite got the hang of using this brush yet as the densly packed bristles pick up a lot of product and I end up applying too much eyeshadow leaving my crease looking pretty messy....I think this brush requires a lighter touch and less product or maybe I'm just not blending enough?! I have taken to using this brush to apply shadow to my lid and also below my lower lash line as I am currently loving the smudgy bronzed!

Concealer Brush £1.50

This concealer brush priced at £1.50 was my last purchase, I had been on the hunt for a concealer brush with a small head for a long time, so when I spotted this one I snapped it up right away. The brush head is tiny which makes it perfect for individually targeting spots and imperfections, the other concealer brushes I own are a lot bigger and unable to give the same finish as a smaller brush. I have started using this brush everyday and it has become my favourite concealer brush. This brush is so small and precise that I think it could also be used for applying gel eye liner, filling in eyebrows and applying highlighter to the inner corner of the eye.

I am really impressed with my elf purchases and am in no doubt that I will be going back for more in the future, not only is the pricing unbelievable good, the quality is comparable with other brushes including those from pricier brands. I also cannot fault the order or (v. efficient!) delivery process, I can now see why so many people rave about the brand!

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