Monday, 4 April 2011

Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge

"For amazingly flawless foundation application"

I rarely used to use anything more than my fingers to apply foundation, brushes never seemed to work well enough and make up sponges were always a bit too flimsy. I started seeing great reviews about the Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge, and thought I would give it a go....I have to say, it has completely changed my make up routine.

This sponge is a lot studier and firmer than any other make up sponge I have tried, the shape makes it easy to hold and it is perfect for using in a variety of ways. I like to use a stippling action with the base of the sponge on my t-zone, the cone shaped tip is perfect for using on those hard to reach areas such as around the nose and under the eyes, I also turn the sponge on its side and use a bounce/rolling motion along my jawline and forehead. The texture of the sponge leaves your skin with an airbrushed finish, it gives an even coverage of foundation, leaving skin with a healthy look. I love this sponge so much that I have started using it with other products including concealer, liquid and cream blushers and liquid highlighter....the Cosmopolitan sponge blends them all in flawlessly. 

One downside to this sponge is that because it is so big (as far as make up sponges go) it sucks up a lot of product and as a result wastes a lot of foundation. To combat this problem I roughly apply foundation to my face using a brush/fingers and then use the sponge to simply blend in. Also, because of the size it takes ages to clean and my foundation seems to have stained the sponge....which isn't ideal!

The Blend Perfection sponge costs £4.99, which I initially thought was a bit pricey for a make up sponge, especially when you can buy a multipack of 15 for under £3 in Superdrug.  However, the results you get from this sponge are second to none and I personally don't believe you could achieve such a flawless finish using a brush or your fingers. In my opinion this sponge is well worth the money, especially when you consider foundation brushes cost from £10 up, it has changed my make up routine and I would hate to apply foundation without it.

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