Thursday, 3 March 2011

Supermarket Sweep

Occasionally I decide to take spur of the moment, late night trips to Tesco...for no reason at all (obviously I lead a very thrilling life). Recently I pootled along to my nearest 24 hour store to stock up on some concealer, only to find the shutters on the make up counters locked - on a side note why do Supermarkets do this at night? Can make up only be sold during the day? Is it because more people steal make up at night? If so, what are all those very obvious security cameras attached to each make up counter doing? All that was left was a limited peg section housing All About Face and Barbara Daly cosmetics. These are two brands I have never really explored before, but have heard only good things about the Barbara Daly range so I thought it was worth a browse. 

First up the All About Face brand which is Tesco's affordable make up range. Everything in this line is £1.49 which is a pretty good price point, I purchased 3 eyeshadows:

From left: Baby Doll, Gold Shimmer, Meadow - all £1.49

These are three very pretty colours, however the pigmentation isn't amazing. Rather than a standard eyeshadow I would describe these as giving a wash of colour, a product I would use as a base or a highlighter rather than using alone. All three eyeshadows are shimmery, but Gold shimmer is the only metallic eyeshadow of the three, as a result it has a slightly different texture from the other two, and seems more crumbly which makes it a bit messier to apply.

All About Face eye pencil in Bronze £1.49

My next purchase was the All About Face eyeshadow in Bronze. The eye pencil also came in a silvery/grey colour, however I felt the bronze version would be more wearable. The colour comes out a beautiful metallic golden, bronze and I imagine it would look lovely on all skin tones. The pencil is pretty fat and you can twist the end to bring more product sharpening required. I really love this eye pencil, it's very soft and easy to apply, the only downside is it isn't long lasting and disappears relatively quickly. It's a shame Tesco don't produce this pencil in more colours, I would like to have seen a shimmery baby pink, gold and a frosty white version. 

The final product I purchased was from the Barbara Daly range.

Barbara Daly Light & Easy Shimmering Highlight

The Barbara Daly range was pretty slim pickings but this highlighter caught my eye. It's a beautiful frosty shimmer which I have taken to using everyday on my cheekbones, just under the arch of my brow and on my Cupid's bow. The packaging is very simple and sleek, but the talcum powder like dispenser is slightly annoying. I would prefer for the product to be a loose powder, the dispenser means I have to shake some product onto the back of my hand to dip my powder brush into....slightly messy! 

I would like to check out more of the Barbara Daly range, unfortunately most of it was locked away at the time of visit, so I will have to go back when the make up counters are open. I would say both brands are worth a look, All About Face is cheap and cheerful and I would recommend the eye pencil, but more exciting high street brands can be found in Boots and Superdrug.

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