Sunday, 27 February 2011


Tangle Teezer - £10.20

I'm sure you've come across this weird pink pebble before. It is of course a Tangle Teezer, designed to un-knot tangled hair.

What they say: Using the Tangle Teezer will ensure your hair will appear more lustrous by minimising cuticle damage which in turn will help colour last and reduce the risk of fading. The hair shaft is also better prepared for the onslaught of damaging heat from styling tools. That’s why we like to call it first aid for hair.

I was pretty jubious about the Tangle Teezer when I first saw it, it looks similar to the brush that came with a My Little Pony toy - how exactly was this going to help detangle my hair?

At first I was pretty horrified by the ripping sound it made when brushing my wet hair, the horror turned into delight when I inspected the tangle teezer post-brush, to find barely any of my hair left in it - a massive departure from the huge mattes of hair I used to pick out of my wide tooth comb!

The Tangle Teezer glides easily through knotted hair without the need for pulling. You do have to work in sections as the bristles are not very deep and seem to only brush the top layer of the hair, this might have something to do with the fact that the bristles are made of flexible plastic and designed to smooth cuticles and protect hair from damage. Weirdly, the website recommends that you brush firmly, I can't see how this helps protect your hair but it does get the job done quicker!

What I like most about the Tangle Teezer is how easy it makes brushing my hair, using a wide tooth comb on my knots used to be painful but the tangle teezer causes minimal pain and detangles my hair much quicker than any brush I've ever used. One gripe is the shape, the pebble shape is moulded to the hand, however it is not particularly easy to hold onto and I will drop it on the floor without fail during every use.

I can't fault this product too much, it really has become an everyday staple for me, I never reach for anything else to brush my hair with. It makes brushing easier and less painful without the need for pulling, it also reduces hair breakage and helps make hair healthier. If you have long, knotty hair I can't recommend this product enough. For more information on Tangle Teezer, visit the website here.

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