Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Freshly Painted - Gosh Holographic

Gosh 549 Hologrpahic

Behold Gosh holographic nail polish.
It has now been discontinued, but I couldn't resist picking it up when I found it in the half price bin at Superdrug. If you ever wanted your nails to look like a spangly American Apparel leotard, then this is the nail polish for you!

The polish itself is fairly streaky and you need to apply a minimum of 3 coats for a decent effect, but the final result is an interesting, silvery-rainbow look....it reminded me of a mermaid's tail.
I'm guessing my bottle must be quite old. I only opened it last week but already it has gone quite thick and gloopy. I don't mind too much as I only paid around £2 for it, and I don't imagine I will be reaching for this polish very often.

One thing to note is that it chips like no other nail polish I have ever tried. I had this on my nails a mere two days before I had to remove it, due to the polish being so badly chipped!

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