Thursday, 13 January 2011


Mac Special Reserve Highlight Powder in Chez Chez Lame

Draped Silk or WrinklySkin?

Top - Lightly Swatched, Bottom - Heavily Swatched

I thought Mac's Cham Pale collection was beautiful, I just love nude colours ever so much!
I have a plethora of nude colour cosmetics (hello naked palette!)'s pretty much all I buy, but I did make one little purchase from the collection, in the form of the Chez Chez Lame Special Reserve Highlight Powder
Mac describes Chez Chez Lame as a soft gold with silver shimmer. I was attracted to the product because the colour is not a bright, yellow gold which is often too harsh on my pale skin, instead it's a light, shimmery, champagne colour. Also, the powder is finely won't find any big chunks of glitter here, just lots of lovely, subtle shimmer.
This highlighter has got a real luminous quality when applied to the skin, it has been designed to catch the light and give you a real glow, rather than being obvious on the cheeks. It's buildable, you can go for a soft shimmery highlight, or use more product for a really obvious sheen effect. It really is a perfect highlight for my pale skin and I'm just as comfortable wearing it during the day for work, as I would be on a night out.
When I first saw the product in the pan, I loved the way it looked, kind of like draped silk, but then I saw someone comment on how it looked like wrinkled skin and now that's all I see every time I look at it....nevertheless, it's a beautiful colour, and has found it's way into my everyday make up routine.

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