Monday, 15 October 2012

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb

Twilight Bath Bomb, £3.20, Lush

In bath

This is one of Lush's staple bath bomb, I always see it everytime I'm in the store. In case you haven't seen it, it's the big pink one, well when I say big what I actually mean is huge - this one is a whopper! The bath bomb has a moon and stars pattern on the top, however this isn't really visible in my shoddy iphone photo above - currently attempting to be a blogger with no camera (mine broke). UPDATE: I found a better photo I took before my camera died, where you can actually see the pattern.

After running the water, I plopped this one in the bath and as with all Lush bath bombs I've tried it instantly fizzed up revealing a bright pink colour followed by a blue. The in bath photo above is actually from the Lush website and I have to say my bath bomb didn't really look like that, I had nowhere near that much foam and the colours were not as vibrant.

When the pink and blue had mixed the water turned purple - the colour of twilight, I was starting to feel slightly disappointed - I've spoken on here before about how I expect a bath bomb to have a bit of drama,  then I noticed that the bath was full of bluey/silver glitter which made the water look so pretty. I came out of the bath covered in sparkles and a few days later I was still finding them on my face, nevertheless I loved using this bath bomb, it's especially great to use before bedtime as it contains lavender oil to aide a good night's sleep. Definitely one to try out!


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  2. That looks amazing! I really want to try this now


  3. Definitely worth trying out if you like Lush bath bombs :)