Thursday, 11 October 2012

Lush Big Shampoo

Lush 'Big' Shampoo 330g, £11.25

'Have a big hair day.
This is like having your hair lifted on a sea breeze.'

Another hair related post from me today, I wanted this shampoo from Lush as I have fine, straight hair which gets greasy quickly. 'Big' contains flakes of salt which I was hoping would inject some much needed oomph into my hair and possibly give me a slight beachy wave - well a girl can dream.

To use this shampoo you scoop out some of the product and massage into the scalp, I have to say it did annoy me when I saw that the container mentions using a 'generous scoop' of the shampoo followed by another 'generous scoop' for a repeat shampoo....errr Lush? Have you not seen the price of this stuff? I got eight washes out of this tub - that's eight single washes - if we're talking about repeat shampooing then this tub would only be good for four washes, which wouldn't be a problem if a tub of Big didn't cost £11.25. Granted £11 is not a lot of money but it seems quite a lot to spend on a tub of shampoo which you will only get four washes from. 

The flakes of salt in this product make it different from any other shampoo I've tried and I actually really loved washing my hair with this, massaging the salt into my hair felt really clarifying and acted as a nice scalp exfoliation. I've read so many reviews of this product which say it produces a great lather, sadly I could never get this shampoo to lather at all and because of this I had to use more of the product per wash than I would have done with a regular shampoo - FYI my head isn't abnormally big.

This shampoo smelt fresh and clean which is probably down to the citrus fruits in the ingredients. After use my hair felt squeaky clean and super soft but I wouldn't say it was particularly voluminous and I didn't notice it staying clean for any longer than normal. Overall I think this product is a fantastic clarifying shampoo but nothing groundbreaking and I've had better results from cheaper drugstore shampoos.

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