Sunday, 1 April 2012

Real Techniques Core Collection

Real Techniques Core Collection, £21.99, Boots

'The Real Techniques Core Collection kit by Samantha Chapman includes 4 coverage essentials: detailer brush, pointed foundation brush, buffing brush and contour brush. All of these tools are held in a professional case & stand.'

The Real Technique brushes by Samantha Chapman seem to be a hot topic at the moment. I like the Pixiwoo girls, so when I saw the rave reviews these brushes were getting I was very intrigued. My personal brush collection was severely lacking foundation brushes and I decided to purchase the Core Collection, costing £21.99 for 4 brushes. The price of the set is pretty reasonable when compared to the likes of Mac's brushes however they are not as cheap as brands such as Eco Tools (whose brushes I love!), a single RT brush also costs around the £10 mark, so buying a set makes financial sense....or at least that's what I told myself!

Initially I was surprised at how small the brushes were, even though I had read that they were small they just seemed....small! The brushes come in a black pouch which also transforms into a brush holder, I have kept the pouch but chosen not to use it as a holder, as I like to keep all my brushes together in one place. The brushes are made out of a lightweight metal with a black rubber bottom and feel sturdy, the bristles are Taklon and are nice and soft on the skin, I also haven't experienced any shedding. These are nice quality brushes and the small size makes them perfect for using on all areas of the face.

The Core Collection set consists of (From left to right in the photo):

Contour Brush: Recommended to use for applying highlighter, I also like to use this brush to apply bronzer and I'm a big fan of the tapered end. 

Pointed Foundation Brush: This is a pretty standard foundation brush and probably the brush I have used the least from the set, however it's always handy to have an extra foundation brush on hand. 

Detailer Brush: A brush recommended for use with concealer or lipstick. I have used this with concealer and found it great for targeting individual blemishes that may need a bit of extra concealing. 

Buffing Brush: This is my favourite brush from the collection and the one I use the most. I have found it great for buffing in foundation, powder blushers and cream blushes as well as face powder and highlighter, it's a very versatile brush and the flat head helps produce a flawless finish. 

I have to say I love these brushes and the buffing brush has found it's way into my everyday make up routine. I have noticed from seeing these brushes in Boots that the single brushes seem to be bigger than the ones that feature in the sets, I have most definitely got my eye on the blush brush, stippling brush and powder brush!


  1. I bought the core collection set as well as the stippling brush too and I LOVE these brushes. I think they are a great quality set at an affordable price...considering on my wish list at the beginning of the year Sigma brushes were on there, I think I've made a massive saving. As somebody who likes to have a good base to set my makeup, I've found using these brushes helps my foundation set so much better xx

  2. I was just in Boots today eyeing up some of the other Real Techniques brushes, I agree, they are great and so affordable at around £10 per brush. Definitely better than shelling out a fortune for pricier brands! x