Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Revlon Nail Enamel

Revlon Nail Enamel Classy and Charming £6.49

My love for Revlon nail polish continues, I recently picked up these 2 lovely pastel shades. I think they are from Revlon's spring collection however I can't find any info about them on the Revlon website.


The first shade is Charming which is a beautiful lilac shade, it's bright, vibrant, fresh and everything I want in a spring nail polish. The formula was lovely to apply and dried to a glossy finish, best of all my nails were still glossy (but chipped) a week after application which is a real bonus for me, I hate it when nail polish goes dull. This polish was really easy to remove which was an added bonus.


The next shade I chose is Classy. I really dithered over buying this polish, on first impressions I thought it was a bit of an old lady colour and not really that special, then I spied the promo picture (I can't remember who the model was...maybe Jesssica Biel, Emma Stone or Olivia Wilde?!) and really fell in love with the colour. Application was easy and I was left with a polished, glossy finish. I think this colour looks expensive, for some reason it always makes me think of Stepford Wives...I think it would be the perfect nail colour for them...am I selling it to you yet? This is a grown up pink shade, which looks quite neutral on the nails and gives my nails a polished feeling. Unsurprisingly my mum loved this colour.

I've heard a rumour that Revlon are releasing a whole host of nail polishes this year to celebrate their 80th Birthday, this is fantastic news! I love Revlon nail enamels, in fact I think I own more Revlon shades than any other polish, they are decent quality at a good price and I can't wait to see the new colours!