Friday, 7 October 2011

Freshly Painted: Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday

Deborah Lippman 'Happy Birthday' £16.00, House of Fraser

I have wanted this shade for ages, I tested it out before I want on holiday and loved it so much that I bought it as soon as I got back.

In short this nail varnish is fab. I am generally not a glitter polish fan but recently I have been going crazy for them, although I think this one is my favourite so far. Happy Birthday (how cute is the name?) is a mutlicolour glitter polish compromising of different sized glitter chunks, great for giving a can't stop staring at your nails effect. The name suits it perfectly, I never thought I'd go for the party-popper-just-exploded-on-your-nails look, but I really love it! Overall it's a very fun polish to wear.

I wanted to go OTT so I completely covered my nails in it (which took around 4 thin coats + touch ups) however it also looks lovely lightly applied over a nude coloured polish giving a more subtle look. I think the only thing I'm going to hate about this polish is removing it, glitter varnishes are always a complete nightmare to get off!!


  1. LOVE it! Super gorgeous! <3


  2. OMG this looks super gorgeous! But must be a total pain to remove LOL

  3. it looks gorgeous, i have been lusting voer it for ages :D