Sunday, 30 October 2011

Freshly Painted: Bourjois So Laque! in Orange Creation

Bourjois So Laque! Ultra Shine in 42 Orange Creation
£5.99, Boots

Seeing as I'm not dressing up this year - so bummed as I would definitely have gone as a Pan Am air hostess or a Zombie or maybe Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood? Oh the possibilities!!
I love dressing up for Halloween, it's pretty much the only time of year when I am willing to dress up...oh and on a side note 'sexy' outfits are not acceptable, no sexy cat or sexy witch and the Ann Summer's outfits aren't cool either...this is Halloween we're talking about! Anyway, rant over.
Sadly Halloween has been a bit of a wash out this year, no parties and I'm too old for trick or treating so instead I thought I'd paint my nails orange in the spirit of Halloween.

I saw this colour tweeted by Glamour magazine, and seeing as I didn't already own an orange I went out and bought a bottle. I've used the So Laque polishes before and this one wasn't much different, as expected the polish was on the thick and gloopy side which isn't great and makes application a bit tricky. I was slightly disappointed at how un-shiny the polish is, especially as it's advertised as Ultra Shine, I was hoping for a really glossy, orange nail and this just isn't shiny enough for my liking!

The colour is fab and perfect for Halloween although I probably would wear it at other times of the year too. The colour is a bright orange I would describe it as a hot orange, but if you're looking for an orange nail polish I wouldn't necessarily recommend this one. I imagine Rimmel, Barry M and Maxfactor make similar shades and probably with a better formula.


  1. Iv just painted my nails orange tonight too in the spirit of halloween! I totally agree with u, sexy costumes are a no no!! the scarier the better!! The polish i've used is Barry M's Tangerine, look out for a NOTD post tomorrow!
    I'm currently hosting a giveaway at my blog including a Orangey polish from Models Own! check it out if you have time!


  2. i was always really put off by orange nails but i recently tried it and really like it, looks lovely :D

  3. @charlie just about to read your NOTD post! :)

    @MissMathful I wasn't too sure about orange nails either, but now I really like them :o)