Monday, 12 September 2011

Lush: Sex in the Shower Emotibomb

£2.55, Lush

'Our new Sex in the Shower Emotibomb encourages people to share a shower to conserve water. As the warm water touches its surface, wafts of sensual scents entwine themselves around you. Get some soap and lather your partner all over. Just remember to turn the water off while you're in a lather. With great showers comes great responsibility.'

This was included in the P.S. I Love You Valentine's gift box from Lush, see my post here. I have never used a shower emotibomb before as I'm more of a bath kind of girl, so I didn't know what to expect. I used it alone in the shower even though it's designed for two people to 'conserve water' (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) so I cannot comment on the aphrodisiac effect. 

The emotibomb itself was pretty weird looking. It had a flat, crumbly white base which reminded me of a sand dollar, with a creepy pink hand over the top. Even though the hand was slightly weird, I love a pink/white colour combination so this was a winner with me. 

The smell before use is gorgeous - I always like to keep Lush products in my cupboards and drawers as it fragrances them nicely. To me, this smelt perfumey and floral, the ingredients include juniper berry oil, ginger oil, ylang ylang oil, rose oil (one of my favourites), jasmine absolute, geranium oil and mimosa it's jam packed full of lovely fragrances!

To use you pop it in the shower away from the direct stream of water. I couldn't believe how slowly this dissolved, especially as I was expecting it to dissolve within 5 minutes. I moved it from the side of the shower to the tray to see if it would make it do anything didn't. I got a couple of whiffs of the scent throughout my shower, although this was overshadowed by the other lotions and potions I was using i.e. shampoo and conditioner. It turned the water slightly pink, but because it was a shower the colour was washed away more or less immediately.

In the end I got so bored waiting for this product to do something that I picked it up and with the crumbly product that was left on my hand I used it as an exfoliator. The scent was pretty much non existent afterwards, but it did make an effective, if slightly harsh, exfoliator and left my skin feeling very soft afterwards. 

I was in the shower for a around 15 minutes and by the time I got out there was still a good chunk of emotibomb left. I couldn't be bothered to wait for it to completely dissolve as it just didn't do anything. I hate to give Lush a bad review but this is one of the worst products I have tried from them. It made a lovely gift, and was good to try something different, but I wouldn't purchase another emotibomb as they are pretty pointless!

I just have to point out how cute the packaging of this box was..check out the picture below!



  1. Never tried one of these, but I loveee Lush products, might have to give this a try! Thanks for sharing :D

  2. Ive never tried anything from Lush because I never know what to get, with a name like that, I'm going to make it my first purchase!!!

  3. i am still using up all my stuff but want to get myslef a little lush box when im done to celebrate. this doesnt sound like my kind of thing though :s

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