Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lush Dragons Egg Ballistic

Lush Dragons Egg Ballistic £2.99

'As you bathe in the whirlpool of vibrant, fiery colour and inhale the refreshing sherbet scent of lemon and bergamot, you'll feel like you're up and away on the back of your own dragon. Citrus oils are known for their invigorating effect on the mind and Dragon's Egg is no exception! Drop one of these baby dragons in the bath for a serious wake-up call on groggy mornings or before evenings out.'

This bath bomb had been sitting in my cupboard for a good few months, it was a gift and had no label on it so I had no clue which bath ballistic it was. After a particularly challenging day at work I decided a Lush bath was in order, and being the only one left in my cupboard I popped the mystery bath bomb into the running water. I had no intention to blog about this ballistic but I loved it so much I researched which one it was and decided a blog post was in order.

Thanks to the power of the Internet I quickly identified the bath bomb was the Dragons Egg Ballistic priced at £2.99 which is the average cost of a Lush ballistic. This bath bomb is pretty sizable and mainly white, with pastel colours marbled through, now I think about it... it does kind of look like an egg.

When I first put this in the bath, it started to foam rather than produced a really thick, white foam and I initially thought it was more of a bubble bath. As it fizzed it started to release yellow and pink pastel coloured dots, which reminded me of confetti or petals and looked really pretty floating in the bath water.

The bath bomb had a lovely, uplifting citrus scent and after a while orange swirls of colour started to appear in my bath water. Just when I thought the bath bomb had revealed all of its surprises I noticed something darker in colour floating along next to me, on closer inspection it turned out to be a fizzing golden nugget. This golden nugget wasn't just emitting a golden colour it was made up of hundreds of flecks of chunky gold glitter. Now I am generally not a fan of glitter, but in bath products I think it's gorgeous and best of all when I emerged from my bath I wasn't completely covered in glitter, just a few specks here and there. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for my bath tub which was left looking like a glitter-ball had exploded:

Glittery tub

I was really impressed with this bath bomb, it has the right amount of 'drama' that I expect from a Lush ballistic. It smells wonderful and left my water a beautiful light orange colour with gold glitter flecks running through.....simply gorgeous! The citrus scent is lovely and fresh and I think this ballistic would be perfect to use before a night out as the smell acts as a pick me up and the water leaves your skin with a lovely gold shimmer. The only downside of this product is that I didn't find the citrus smell lingered on my skin post bath.


  1. looks lovely, sometimes i find they don't melt properly and the bath is really bitty... lol.

  2. aw i love bath bombs!!!!looks so nice ;)

  3. @missmathful
    I know what you mean about melting, this one dissolved really nicely, the only thing that was left was glitter....lots and lots of glitter :)

    I would definitely recommend this bath bomb, was great fun to use!!

  4. I had the same surprise when I tried out the Dragon's Egg - there's a review on my page... I won't bore you with the link! Anyway, I was feeling glum and was instantly cheered up by the glitter bar inside! Wasn't expecting it at all!!! I'm glad they don't make it obvious on the website, really made my day!
    Did you find that the little pieces of confetti went all slimy with your bath?
    Other than that - it's a pretty fantastic treat!!!!

    Katie x

  5. My confetti was ok and actually dissolved, but I've had bathbombs before where the confetti goes all slimy...never a good thing when it sticks to your leg or arm!

  6. This looks amazing, how cute that they put glitter right in the middle of it, would make a fab little gift! Thanks :) xx